The Unexpected Redundancy

May I begin by saying: I love my job.

I am not saying this to sweet-talk anyone.

I genuinely love (or ‘loved’ I should say) my role as a Digital Marketing Assistant.

That was until my boss decided to call me into the boardroom one afternoon and inform me that although I was perfect for the role, my job had suddenly disappeared.

Apparently, there was no more work in the office left for me to do, hence I am now a ‘former’ Digital Marketing Assistant.

You guessed it. This sucks.

Fortunately I was born in era where the internet allows you to find anything, anywhere at anytime.


As discussed by John Green in the above video, the internet can allow us to shape our own future, and provides us with a path to learn new information.

After typing the all-too-common slogan into Dr Google “Jobs in Nowra,” I decided to take a different approach to my learning.

Event Management (leaning towards Weddings) is something that had been probing my mind for a while, so I decided to search companies that offered this service.

What I found were a plethora of South Coast businesses dedicating their efforts to table decorations, seating arrangements and fancy bouquets, giving their clients one amazing night.

As I began this research, I found my mind drifting away from previous worries like university homework, or even whether the garbo had picked up my rubbish.

Hungry? No. You need to look at this three-tier wedding cake.

Tired? Don’t worry about it. This couple hired a Cinderella Carriage (Who would want to sleep though that?)

And so on.

Curiosity drove me to find new things, people and places that I had not previously considered.

Although being made redundant is a sad and difficult circumstance, it gave me the opportunity to seek new information.

Information that I previously hadn’t even considered.

Although new things tend to look glossy, a trait that fades in time, curiosity is the fuel that keeps us interested in what we do.

As told by Disney “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious, and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”











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