Oh hey! Don’t Worry I’m Still Here.


It’s no secret that I haven’t composed a blog post for a while. But as a student, sales assistant, best-friend, girl-friend, daughter, cat & cactus loving individual, life can get a little hectic sometimes.

I know that I’m not the only one. For starters, it’s week 11 at uni. For the non-university folk reading this post, week 11 onwards (who amĀ  kidding, this started a month ago) involves a sharp increase in assessments, exams (YUCK), group work and research. Basically from now on you become a bear in hibernation, only coming out of your room to scoff the food in your pantry or whip up the occasional brew.

Education always looks fabulous until you have to knuckle down and do it. What it really consists of is not seeing friends and family as much as you want to, not making as much money as you want to, and having a general lack of vitamin D because sitting in the sun is some distant daydream that is never within reach. As well as this, you never seem to be on top of your work and you become a MEGA procrastinator.

Of course, there are a tonne of benefits to being educated. University opens your mind to other peoples opinions and it trains you to make informed decisions rather than taking everything as a fact. You make friends who are as weird as you (sorry guys x), develop a coffee addiction and learn how not to hit other cars when trying to reverse parallel park. At the end of the day, I am extremely grateful that I have the support of my family and friends who help my success as a student.

As the modern day becomes more hectic, we tend to take out a lot less time for ourselves. My partner in crime has a passion for gaming, and he always chats about how one needs to be alone sometimes, doing what ever brings them peace. It’s a way of getting back in touch with yourself – listening to what you need rather than being blinded by the pressure of life.

As someone who runs from pillar to post, I have tried to adopt this ideology in my own life by trying (very hard I might add) to stop and put everything back into perspective. Re-thinking your own thoughts is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, because it feels unnatural to question what has been commonplace in your mind for so long. So I have started this trend by writing stories, songs etc. on things that I am passionate about. For me writing is a form of self-expression, a way I can explain myself without getting caught up in what other people think. Moreover, I am someone who likes to spoil those around me by buying them gifts. Hence, I am starting to spoil myself a little more, by saying it’s okay to look after myself because I deserve to be happy and healthy.

On a final note, thankyou to those who put up with my tears, tantrums and accept me for the Emily that I am. Life without you would be impossible and although I don’t show it all that often, my love for you all is endless x


Hugs & Happiness,

Em x



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