The Beginning of a Dank Artifact

Yeah, that’s right. Forget the term Digital Artifact, we only make dank, dope and darn good content in this class. And apparently the internet is just at the beginning stages of its development, yay for us! That means more new content right?

Before reading Kevin Kelly’s article, I would have thought that surely contributors of the online space would soon run out of things to say. Evidently not, and there is much MUCH more room for more cat videos! ❤

Made by me, cat video sourced from

But although our dank, dope and darn good content may give the world a different perspective on the surrounding universe, we do very much as BCM112 students have to meet a marking criteria for the DA. Except there are 4 tiny little letters that stand in the way:

F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O

The above reminds me of those fancy boarders you used to pop on your word doc in year 3. But on another note I don’t like failing. It gives you that uncomfortable squishy feeling that everything is not ok. How I prefer to see FEFO:

F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O ~ F E F O

P A S S ~ P A S S ~ P A S S ~ P A S S ~ P A S S ~ P A S S ~ P A S S ~ P A S S ~ P A SS

But as Ted claims throughout my Digital Artifact, I will experience failure *violins being playing, a cat screeches in the distance, the world falls out of it’s orbit, OMG I NEED FAIRY FLOSS*

Made and filmed by me

Failure is inevitably going to happen. Which before this class I found the idea rather repulsive (Yeah I’m dramatic, sorry). But over the next 13 weeks I am aiming to create an artifact that that has a high chance of failure – I’m developing a YouTube channel. Doesn’t sound that hard? Well, it’s not providing you know how to do it. And guess whose YouTube skills ain’t great?! But, you never get better if you don’t take a risk and potentially fail sometimes, so let’s give it a go!

Here are some of my ideas for a Digital Artifact:

1. A Food Blog on Instagram
2. Encouraging environmental change through fashion.
3. Writing/Playing songs weekly and publishing them on YouTube.
4. Experimenting with different skin care creams.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. paigeerubyy says:

    This is AWESOME, the layout is just ~ a e s t h e t i c ~ and your content is so intriguing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading and exploring this. Thank you!


    1. Emily says:

      Thanks Paige! Glad you liked it x


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