Bumps in the road

Oh what a frustration. My DA idea to create  dress made out of balloons is innovative and exciting – but goddamn I hope I don’t die from a heart attack doing this. Like every idea ever, my first plan didn’t work. I decided to buy a jumpsuit from an Op Shop in Huskisson for $3 and the plan was to stick the balloons to the jumpsuit using dad’s hot glue gun. I had a go at this over the weekend, and what a catastrophe. Instead of the balloons sticking to the jumpsuit, they are able to peel off once the glue has dried.

When in Italy, my creative design tutor taught us how to develop a mood board to express creativity and to inspire you to create something different. Hence, over the week I’ve been back at the drawing board to try and develop my idea and design better adhesives for the balloons.

My second idea was to create the dress out of cardboard and then stick the balloons onto the cardboard with sticky tape. I developed a prototype of this which seemed to work as the sticky tape is strong enough to hold it. And for something that is not going to be worn for a long period of time, it may be the solution. However, I decided to post aspect of my mood board on Instagram with the hopes of gaining feedback from the online community. I got two responses who said I should use safety pins if I’m not good at sewing, the largest response is shown below:


Further to this, I have found a range of hashtags that increase user likes, and have also found that posting at least twice a day increases the changes of gaining followers. I am contemplating buying followers at this stage, because it would increase the credibility of my Instagram feed. However, I may wait to gain a greater following than 50 people before I make that move. I also have used my own twitter account to try and gain traction on my Instagram feed, as well as my personal Instagram page. Check out the video below, as it helped my discover more about how fashion can be used as a platform for social change: