From Litter to Letters; A Journey to Project Beta

Originally I wanted to undertake an assignment that discouraged people from littering on Hyam’s Beach. Although the project was going well, and I had already curated an Instagram page and website that promoted the making of the dress, in week 6 I realised that I was spending too much time developing the dress rather than focusing on media platforms.

Original Website:

Screenshot (114)


Original Instagram:

Screenshot (115)


Further to this, the project did not align well with the FIST (Fast, Inexpensive, Simple, and Tiny) methodology:

FAST: The project was taking too long time to design and prototype. Once I had made one dress and promoted it, the project would be over and my opportunity to diversify into something else would be limited.

INEXPENSIVE: The balloons were expensive to purchase.

SIMPLE and TINY: The project was difficult – I had to figure out how the dress would be assembled and how it could be worn without falling apart. It wasn’t tiny and would need more than 13 weeks to finish.

I had just undergone FEFO (Fail Early, Fail Often) and came up with a new project that would follow the FIST method. The new project is called Letters to Letterboxes, and the aim is to write motivational and inspiring letters to anyone across the world.

As I am a writer, the letters can be written quickly and can be distributed easily to people online and in-person (Simple and Fast). The project is Inexpensive, as it only requires a piece of paper and a pen and a camera take photos of the letter and distribute it online. Within a week I had sent 20 letters to people online, and had done a letter drop of 20 letters around my community.

The Letters:


Letters to Letterboxes could have the potential to be an ongoing project that could be monetised in the future. To learn more about the project, view the video below:


In regards to Feedback loops, the messages below highlight the reaction of the target audience to the letters sent:

Another way that feedback was measured is through Instagram Insights, where I was able to track the amount of engagement, the reach and impressions. Reach is important so that my target market has exposure to the posts, engagement is vital so that  know which content is working and what isn’t and impressions tell me how many times one photo was displayed (or how many times the content was seen by someone on Instagram). Clearly from the photos below, creating authentic and interesting Instagram pictures boosts profile visits and assists in engagement.


A core issue with the letter box drop was that I had no way of measuring whether the message was received. At the bottom of each letter I placed the Instagram and Website link, however there was no increase in followers. My initial plan was to advertise the letter drop on the Facebook Page Nowra Buy and Sell, however the post was not accepted by Admin. Now I am placing  greater focus on online distribution as I am able to measure responses and continue to research online forums where I can advertise the letters.

Due to the project changing, I also had to alter the starter pack because I am now targeting a different audience. The starter pack consists of people who have limited time in their day, and tend to determine their self-worth on achievement rather than seeing themselves as beautiful just for existing:

Screenshot (117)

Feel free to follow the Instagram or check out the website!

Em x