Which Window are we Looking Through Today?

There’s a bear in there. And a chair as well. There are windows with frames. And perspectives to tell. There are things the news hides. This goes on world-wide. It’s playschool.

Sound familiar? We have been learning about framing since the Play School days, where we would excitedly guess whether we would be looking through the square, circle, diamond or triangle window daily. These windows show kids an alternative way of life, different to their own. Little do kids realise that there is a lot more happening through the window than what the camera chooses to show. Why do we think that the media is any different in the adult world? As shown in the required text for this week below, Social Media and News Channels frame their content in a specific way to gain the attention of the audience, and to ensure they come back for more:

News channels have a specific formula they use to convey information to viewers. We watch as the same words are used over-and-over again to describe a situation: “bombshell,” “local hero,” “this tragedy has taken the lives of .” These words appeal to our very own association chains, or index cards, that allow us to use our pre-existing ideology to make a judgement on the stimulus at hand.

As shown below in the Sound Cloud audio, one issue can have many different frames through which the story can be told.  Regardless of how big the issue is, different media sources and different talent change the dynamics of the story and can alter the way that the message is received.



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  1. I really like the way you started your blog and reminding us from being so young how framing has influenced us. The use of your sound cloud provide such a great example on how the story can be told from different frames that influence us before the message is received.

    In my blog I talked about selection and salience and I used the example of the picture provide in the lecture and your sound cloud provides a similar example through a different form.

    Really enjoyed this post!

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  2. Amy dunn says:

    Like what Anthony Lamanna said, I like how you remined us of something we all watched and experienced as young kids. The idea that the media we consume from such a young age has been framed in a certain way is honestly something I’ve never really thought about before. Thinking about it the fact that what we’re shown from a young age is framed and presented to us in a way that the media wants us to see has probably led to us not even realising it’s happening as adults. Your remediation is also a really good representation of how one story has many different sides and views but is often only shown from one perspective by the media.


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