You Don’t Need to be a Politician to Change the World

“Imagine if your spouse, your therapist and your priest all entered into a conspiracy with a team of world class con men to control and shape your behaviour.”

Sco-Mo. The man, the myth, the legend (At the moment, anyway). The guy who is at the top of Australia’s hay-stack and who makes the final decisions about where our country is headed. But seriously, if you want to change the world, don’t become a politician. With social media apps at our finger tips, changing people’s attitudes through words has become not only accessible, but darn right achievable for any citizen globally.

Citizen journalism allows people to publish content about what ever they want, whenever they want. This in-turn changes behaviour and spreads otherwise untold points of view. But clearly people still trust journalists to deliver bias-free content. This is evident through the paywalls that are now placed on online features such as the Australian, as well as many papers under the FairFax banner.

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Bentely (2008) “Citizen Journalists want people to hear them just because professional journalists are too busy with the big stories to see the
little items that mean so much to people.”

Citizen Journalism has no-doubt been facilitated by social media. An relevant example of this is one of the readings this week written by Jordan Hall – Not the content but how it is formatted, and in-turn how I interpret the words due to their formatting.

Below you can see that the web-page has told me what the ‘top highlight’ is in the article. Due to people reading this information and choosing the content that they believe is important, my attention (whether I want to or not) is now directly on this paragraph because it has been singled out from the rest. Although the article is not written by a ‘citizen’ per se but a Canadian writer, citizens have helped form my opinion on the topic.

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Hence, regardless on your social stance, gender, race or beliefs if you are equipped with a device that connects to the internet, you too can become a citizen journalist, and potentially change the world with what you have to say.